Joomla editors does not save format

i was struggling for whole day to underestand why the hell when i save an article (copy paste , edit, format) it does not save and the text will be there showing just plain.
then with quick comparasion of all settings i found out that i had touched the filtering setting on global configuration which does not allow me to format text. no mater what editor you use.
Go to article manager.
Click on parameters.
and make sure you scroll down to filter and super administrator is NOT SELECTED.


~ by ehssan2 on February 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “Joomla editors does not save format”

  1. thanks for the tip – I have whitelisted the admin and super admin, but it was not working, I flipped it around to filtering all the others and leaving the admins out – it worked

  2. You are a star ty very much, after altering this setting earlier to try and get something else to work i’d completely forgotten i’d changed it and was slowly going insane trying to work out what had happened!! Ty 🙂

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