Cracking MySQL Passwords

So did you forgot your MySQL password?
but don’t want to change it?
or You are a hacker and want to crack for bad purposes?!
hummm… Let’s get the hashes from the MySQL database and then grab poc, it will crack ‘em for you.
MySQL user accounts are listed in the user table of the mysql database. Each MySQL account is assigned a password, although what is stored in the Password column of the user table is not the plaintext version of the password, but a hash value computed from it. Password hash values are computed by the PASSWORD() function.

MySQL uses passwords in two phases of client/server communication:

* When a client attempts to connect to the server, there is an initial authentication step in which the client must present a password that has a hash value matching the hash value stored in the user table for the account that the client wants to use.
* After the client connects, it can (if it has sufficient privileges) set or change the password hashes for accounts listed in the user table. The client can do this by using the PASSWORD() function to generate a password hash, or by using the GRANT or SET PASSWORD statements.

In other words, the server uses hash values during authentication when a client first attempts to connect. The server generates hash values if a connected client invokes the PASSWORD() function or uses a GRANT or SET PASSWORD statement to set or change a password.


~ by ehssan2 on September 7, 2008.

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  1. Tnx for sharing .

  2. Salam, mamnoon va movafagh bashin

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