ISA Server cannot load the property page

“ISA Server cannot load the property page”
Error: 0x8000ffff
Error: 0x80004005

Catastrophic failure

this was giving me headache for two weeks
until today that i wanted serously to fix the issue.
after 15 minute googling, i found out that i need to do the following:
1) press continue on Console and the go to file>Option > Delete Files
Dont worry is not gonna delete your ISA (lool).
i will some how fix the issue.


~ by ehssan2 on June 14, 2008.

15 Responses to “ISA Server cannot load the property page”

  1. thanx it work for me .

  2. thanx alot man.. its work with me…
    didn’t think it is that easy..

  3. thanks very much its work

  4. thanx

  5. ohhhhhhhhh its coolllll help…..i thot that i have to re-install ISA but u gave me realy userfull help…..thanks to u..

  6. This worked for me
    thank you

  7. Thanks you so much!…
    It’s work.

  8. Did not works for me

  9. thanks so much… It works very well.

  10. Thank you very much, it worked for me.

  11. thanks man it works for me, but i need to ask about the vpn connection is it effect any disconnect???

  12. Its working,
    Thank you verymuch

  13. WOW thank you for the solution

  14. Thanksssssssssss it worked with me

  15. thx so much its working

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